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Why Reorder Numbers?

Most everything you'll receive from Up North comes with a nice little reorder card. What's it good for?

Keep It Simple
Got an exact repeat? No need to send art, just give us the specs and the reorder number. Need to reference some old artwork? Give us the reorder number and eliminate any confusion.

Are You Getting True Reflex Blue?

Solid Reflex Blue vs. A Dot PatternFirst off, what is reflex blue? The Pantone Matching System (PMS) allows 1,114 colors to be mixed from 15 base pigments. These 1,114 PMS colors are standard around the world, allowing you to outsource your printed materials from any vendor and receive consistent color every time. Reflex blue is one of the most common of these PMS colors.

Our Promise to You

Trade Only SealWhy is "Trade Only" such an important promise?

We take our position in the print trade very seriously. You trust us to be an on-demand arm of your company. We are the flexible press room when and where you need. We have no interest in your customers. We don't want to sell to the public.

Our Price List

You won't find our price list online. Period.

Why? Because we deal exclusively with the trade, selling wholsale print and we won't risk our prices getting in the hands of your customers. We create partnerships with our customers. We are services and resources when and where you need them. We are not your competition.

Ho Ho Holiday Schedule

As Up North expands, we know that time off to spend with our families is going to become more and more scarce. Knowing some of our families, that's not such a bad thing!

Did You Get Yours?

Our price lists are printed and the first batch are already in some customers' hands!

We've done our best to condense all of our most popular items into a concise 4-page brochure. We wanted to deliver a nice clean reference rather than an overwhelming grocery list of oddball services. Don't see what you're looking for? Contacting us with questions is just as easy as it's always been.

What's next for Up North? Online ordering for your customers (branded with YOUR logo!), expanded digital print offerings, software upgrades and mandatory employee pizza parties*!

Cut-Off Time

We're all about the mystery and intrigue, especially when it comes to spy movies and sausage manufacturing.

Price Lists...

...are on their way!

We're finalizing prices and cramming them all into a concise printed list that'll be an easy reference tool. Are you a printer or print broker? Do we have your address? If not, let us know and we'll get a price list in your hands as soon as they're done!

A Weekend of Expansion

Over this past weekend we expanded Up North Printing into the suite next door, effectively tripling our floor space! Our presses and thermography lines will stay in the same place while bindery, shipping, prepress and the offices move into our new space nextdoor. After a long weekend, we managed to get everything situated and before the dust settled, we were back to work. The previous tenants left the place in disarray so there's still a lot of work to do but the increase in space has already had a huge effect.

Hello, World

Welcome to our brand spankin' new website. We'll be using this section to announce new products, services, equipment and maybe even highlight new employees if they're not too shy.

Who are we? At our core are some great contradictions....